Warren is passionate about building websites and designing complex solutions. In our emergency response structure, Warren is the Public Information Officer. He is responsible for informing the public about our progress, current status and outreach.

  1. This is my first year doing High School robotics, however, I have done middle and elementary school FLL robotics previously.
  2. I am interested in robotics because I find the idea of having artificial intelligence facinating.
  3. So far, I am enjoying redesigning and improving the website.
  4. I would definitely do this again.
  5. I think the challenge this year is definitely different and more difficult from prior years. It will require a new strategy that targets larger objectives.
  6. I would like to have more outreach and connection than past years. This will help us potentially win the “Inspire Award”.
  7. This year’s challenge is directly related to Search and Rescue as well as Fire/EMS. The challenge is all about rescuing people.
  8. My father is in Jackson Hole Fire/EMS
  9. Gracious Professionalism is keeping your team core values no matter what is going on in the tournament.

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