Here you can find what we are doing every year to complete the outreach part of the FTC challenge:



Teton County Search and Rescue:

This year we are working with Teton County Search and Rescue, to help them with some things they need to get done. We are digitizing their data, collecting data for them and interpreting the data. We also named our team Teton County Search and Rescue Robotics.


It Can Wait:

While technology is wonderful, and one of the greatest developments of the century, it does unfortunately, have some drawbacks. One of these is texting while driving. FTC this year revolves around the concept of rescue. While the most common form of rescue is physically rescuing someone, there are also other forms of rescue. We are rescuing people from technology. We chose to specifically do texting while driving because it is an issue people our age are starting to face. “It Can Wait” is a campaign put on by AT&T that advertises the consequences of texting while driving and advocates for no texting and driving. We are promoting their campaign and helping to get people to sign the pledge.