Name: Jack “pumajack” Van Holland
Grade: 10
Interests: Tennis
Posision on team/What they focus on: Lead Programmer
1. How long have done robotics?
Since 5th Grade.
2. What got you interested in robotics in the first place?
My friends were doing it.
3. What do you like about it?
I like solving problems and fiddling with robots and programs.
4. So far, do you want to do it again?
5. What do you think of the challenge this year?
I think it is going to be difficult because of the debris during Autonomous Mode.
6. What is one major goal for this year you want to achieve?
I would like to figure out how to use the android studio to program the robot.
7. How do you think this relates to real situations Search and Rescue, Fire & EMS, etc, has to face?
I think this relates to real situations because the whole scene is chaotic with a lot things to consider such as the limbers, the debris, and the mountain.
8. Do you have any personal connections to any of these organizations?
I do not.
9. To you, what is Gracious Professionalism?
Gracious professionalism is trying hard to win while making sure everyone is having fun.

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