Montana Qualifiers

Several weeks ago, our team went to the Montana State qualifiers. Robot 4945 performed well, placing 3rd out of 33 teams. Although only the top team continues on to super regionals, we will compete again at the Wyoming qualifiers. Aside from the robots placings, we also witnessed several strong examples of camaraderie between the teams. The first was that for the first time in FTC history, every single team had a working autonomous program. This was accomplished through team work. After it was announced that almost every team had an autonomous program, teams helped each other program autonomous programs between matches until, at the end of the competition, every single robot moved during autonomous. Another instance of teamwork was during the matches when one robot would tip over, another robot would help it back up. In between matches, teams could be seen talking to one another. We were impressed by how many young people have been brought together by engineering.