What does it take to win Worlds?

I challenge the Journeys School robotics team to consider what it would take to win the world championship. We have the talent. We have the resources. So the question becomes, what does it take to win worlds?We have excellent ideas in place, but they need maturity. They need more effort to be refined.

How is the best arm & hand going to operate?

How is the best vertical lift going to operate?

How is the best autonomous program going to operate?

How is the best ramp going to operate?

What is going to be best strategy or strategies that is going to win at Worlds?

FINALLY, and most importantly, what are we as a team going to commit for time and effort to pursue this goal of winning worlds. I firmly believe we can be a highly competitive team at the world championship if we can answer the above questions and put in the time and effort to bring our ideas to full maturity.

Great job thus far this season team, keep up the momentum!!!



Parent council Present

Students Present the Robotics Club to the parent council. We fundraised $100 from this event. We continue to reach out to our community to educate and raise awareness of the great work we are doing.