Due to our amaz…

Due to our amazing effort on our robots, we have not had enough time to write more posts. We have done many new modifications to our robots. We named our robots. The robot with an arm is named Mantas. The little speed bot is SILWORM5. SILKWORM5 stands for Super Insane Laser Killing Wormhole Operated Mega Shark. We have also started a new robot which is SILKWORKM5-2. In early Febuary we went to compete in Bozeman. We took 15 and 16. We also won the Connect Award.

With Mantas, we have added many new things to the robot. A list follows below.

  • We remade the arm about 20 times. It now is double jointed, and features a new claw that picks up only crates.
  • We added a new ball hopper that picks up, up to 3 balls. It then can deposit them into a crate.
  • We also have done many other small updates to the robot.
  • We trimmed the robots fat, so that it fits within an 18 by 18 box.

With SILKWORM5 we almost re built the robot.

  • We added a system that eats raquet balls. In 2 minutes, we can consume 20 raquet balls.
  • We added a piece of clear plastic that sheilds the bottom of the robot from raquet balls.
  • We totally re-did the system for controlling crates. We now have a beam accross the front.
  • We removed the third motor, in favor of two omni-wheels
  • Along with many more features that we spent most of class time on, but I cannot remember them.


This robot, we built from a drive chain that was made then discarded.

  • We added a scissor lift system to the robot. It can lift a crate to the 40 point level.
  • We added a raquet ball lift system that is identical to SILKWORM2.
  • We also added all of the very annoying wires to the robot.