Wednesday – Day Five of Break

Wednesday: November 23, 2011

Mock competition day!

We held five mock competitions which were timed with a 30s autonomous period and a 2 minute teleop period. There were three robots on the field – Arm Robot, Little Robot, and Frank’s Robot. Vertical Lift Robot was out of business and remained on the ramp the entire time. This was a very interesting and eye-opening experience. It is so much different to just drive around and move things without a time limit or other robots. Easier!


  • Autonomous mode, though not a great lot of points are scored, is super useful
  • Careening around the field knocking things over is good defense
  • Fixed grabber is better
  • Put FOCUS on the front of the robot (color it a different color, etc.) to make it easier to drive
  • Driving backwards is hard
  • Position bowling ball at bottom of ramp pre-endgame
  • Hold crate and push bowling ball up the ramp at the end
  • Push a crate with a sonotube full of balls on top of it into the homezone
  • Put balls into a crate and push (either up ramp or into homezone)…Little robot with the addition of a ball hopper on the back
  • Grab crate and lift from the top of the ramp
  • Put the bowling ball in the scoring zone on the ramp in the end game
  • Not a lot of space on top of ramp, prioritize accordingly
  • Pushing balls into homezone is fairly pointless
  • Pinning crates to the wall is good defense

Points of Interest:

  • DRIVE A LOT – both with and without pressure
  • Have a defined strategy before beginning the game
  • 70 points as an average is doable and a good goal
  • Driving during a competition is different than driving around as practice
  • Set drivers should practice a good amount with their specific robots

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