Mimi’s observations:

  • The team badly needs good drivers.  The drivers need to practice, practice, and practice.  The drivers also need to work with the programmer to figure out the best way to program the joystick.  I have first hand experience.  I tried driving and all we did was go around in circles.  The only way for me to drive effective is if I follow behind the robot…
  • Alex’s ball-sucker-upper:  Frank is using the idea on his robot.  He modified it a bit to work with an arm, but it seems to be quite effective.  Much easier than trying to pick up a ball with a claw.
  • Collin’s super-ball-sucker-upper:  Holds great promise.  If the device can be mounted easier and the balls can be steered into a crate – it will be fantastic.  Frank thinks it may need paddles.  One idea is to attach it to the robot Michelle and Ryan built (the fast little robot).  Suck up balls from one end of the robot, and dump them into a crate that is held on the other side.  Focus on putting balls into the crate and pushing the crate into the home zone.
  • The linear vertical lift robot needs to be tested with Big Ryan crate holding device.  Looks like it has potential, but I believe the motors will have trouble tracking each other and delivering enough power.  To properly fit the Super-Ball-Sucker-Upper, the robot will need to be rebuilt.
  • Melissa’s arm – excellent for lifting a crate with a single ball up very high.  Not great at picking up balls, could use another mechanism.
  • Michelle and Ryan’s little robot – maybe a bit too little?  The bowling ball doesn’t quite fit.  But, the concept shows great potential.  Very strong and able to get the bowling ball up the ramp.
  • Scrimmage, scrimmage, scrimmage!  We did a few practice rounds and learned a tremendous amount – about the field, getting points, what is working and not, how difficult the challenge is, and how fast 2 minutes goes by!  Take advantage of the field and the robots – get out there and try things out.

The team has made great strides!  Exciting to see all of your hard work coming together.  With all the ideas, pieces, and parts on all the different robots, I know you can figure out what works best and how best to configure your team robots.  Good luck!  (And I am cheering all of you on to beat Frank next Tuesday!)


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