First Day of Break

Saturday: first day of Thanksgiving break.

The robot fans troop back to school after less than 24 hours of break. Work immediately begins on the robots.

Arm Robot:

  • Swivel removed
  • Gearing changed to stabilize the axle
  • First part of arm shortened
  • Work on a hand begun

Little Robot:

  • Made minor adjustments to the base
  • Work begun on gate
  • Problems encountered with driving over racket balls and getting stuck
  • Designs for plastic shielding begun

Vertical Lift Robot:

  • Frame added to support the height of the robot
  • Pincher mechanism added
  • Compacted until it fit 18″ x 18″ x 18″

Major Points of Interest:

  • Rolling over balls and becoming stranded on top of them
  • Protecting against racket balls and having the clearance to drive up the ramp
  • Efficient scoring techniques – stacking, scoring single racket balls, bowling ball, autonomous, etc.
  • Stress and torque on axles – when a great amount of either, the set screws in axle hubs warp the metal and make them difficult to use
  • JUST START BUILDING! Don’t worry overmuch about details
Little Robot

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