Divide and Conquer!!

“Bowled Over” is quite a challenge.  Leave it to FTC to make us need to use our brains!  The hard part with this challenge is we have to make the robot move in many different planes – lifting, storing, and releasing balls, flipping and stacking crates – and watch out, don’t let those balls get stuck in the drive train or we may get jammed!  And that bowling ball?  For now, we will just protect ourselves from getting smashed up.  So after some brainstorming and discussion, we have put together some great ideas.  To help us focus, we have divided into teams:

  • Pincher team: flips and lifts the crates
  • Raquetball team: pick up the raquetballs, store them on the robot, and then release them into a crate
  • Drive Train team: basic chassis, make the robot move!
  • Software Teleop team:  C+ specialists, figure out autonomous, and make the robot easy to control using the joysticks

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